Universal Design and Web Accessiblity Online Course

Websites that are accessed by the most possible users should be the goal of web designers and developers.

This course is designed to instruct future designers on the basics of universal design and web accessibility.

It is separated into a beginners section and an intermediate section of tutorials. Also, included are resources for future study.

Please refer to the instuctions on this page prior to beginning the tutorials.

Watch this video for an overiew of what you will learn
in these tutorials.

Tutorial Instructions

Start with the tutorials you feel are appropriate to your level of study.

Follow the prompts on screen to progress through the tutorials.

Chose "play narration" if you would like the text read to you.

After completing the entire tutorial, you may use the navigation at the bottom of the screen for review.

There is also a summary page at the end of each tutorial.

Play Narration (optional)