Tutorials for Intermediate Students

These tutorials are intended for web design students with intermediate knowledge of the career field. Students should be able to construct a basic website with images prior to viewing these tutorials.

These tutorials will instruct you on methods to test your website for accessibility and usability, how to use the universal design principles in your website to provide access to the most possible users, and a sneak peek at the future of web accessibility with scripting in HTML 5 and CSS3.
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Tutorial 6 - Future of Web Accessibility

HTML 5 and CSS3

(To be added in future update)

Tutorial 5 - Accessibility Meets Universal Design

How making a site an accessible site can also make it a universally designed site.

(To be added in future update)

Tutorial 4: Test Your Site. Accessibility and Usability


What are the best methods for testing a site to see if it is accessible?